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Here’s an example of our heroine, Aimee, from Book 1 — An Alien Exchange:



Aimee Elizabeth Gwiazdowski (Gaw-e-dow-ski) (Caucasian/Native American Earth Female) – Grand Rapids, MI

 Age: 36 – divorced/no chil­dren.

Occu­pa­tion:  Branch man­ag­er of a small cred­it union

Phys­i­cal Char­ac­ter­is­tics: 5’5” 145 lbs.

Hair:  Dark brown (wal­nut) wavy, shoul­der length. Wide white stripe on the right side from roots to end (birth­mark) hair part­ed on the right side

Eyes:  “Hazel” gold, green, brown, and green. Brown eye­brows and eye­lash­es

Mouth: Full with a gen­er­ous low­er lip

Nose: Pert, slight upswing at the tip


 Aimee had been try­ing to make it back to the human race after the vio­lent deaths of her par­ents’ in a mass shoot­ing the pre­vi­ous year. The stress of los­ing her beloved par­ents caused a rift in her mar­riage that caused it to fall apart. Life-long friends from col­lege had either mar­ried or moved away until one day Aimee real­ized they were all gone. Find­ing her­self adrift, Aimee had a hard time recon­nect­ing with oth­ers. As a man­ag­er of a local cred­it union, she couldn’t make friends with her staff, so at thir­ty-six she found her­self adrift in her per­son­al life with no strong ties to Earth. So when an alien race called “Zerin” offered her a chance for a new life and the promise of ever­last­ing love, she didn’t hes­i­tate to leave every­thing behind.

Aimee is not afraid to try new things. She is a smar­tass when scared and is impa­tient with peo­ple she thinks are ridicu­lous. She is loy­al and hon­est, and prides her­self on log­ic and not emo­tion to make deci­sions. Once a deci­sion is made, she is deter­mined to see it through. She can remain calm in a time of cri­sis. She secret­ly has a fear of rejec­tion and is inse­cure when deal­ing with deep­er emo­tions.



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